Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sonnet and Windsong, a Love Story

   I knew as soon as I opened Sonnet and Windsong, I knew that I would have to use them in a look together. So I did. My only complaint about them is that there is a lot of glitter fallout. Just make sure to do your foundation last unless you want a bunch of sparkle on top of your cheekbones.
   Otherwise, I have no issue with either of them. They are gorgeous colors. I just lined my eyes with black liner and put on mascara to complete the look. I used my favorite lip gloss (NYX La-La), and did my normal foundation routine. The only thing I did differently for foundation was to use my NYX Matte Setting Spray. I think my foundation looks less cakey than it usually does, which I'm loving. Anyway, on to the pictures!

   My last installment of the matte shadow swatches will be up on December 4th, along with the swatches of Sonnet and Windsong. I highly recommend Sonnet. It is just so pretty! It is quite sparkly, though, so if you're more of a matte/satin person, it probably isn't for you. I hope you enjoyed this post! See you in the next one!


  1. You have gorgeous eyes! Loving the Dreamworld shadows, they're beautiful. Great post :)

    1. Thank you so much! They really great shadows. I may need to reswatch the mattes, I found that they don't swatch very well over bare skin or the eye dew. They look a lot better over the NYX primer.