Sunday, July 14, 2013

What Have I Bought Recently? Just a *FEW* things.

   So remember when I said I was going to do swatches and a review on the Ammo palette? That isn't happening. I had to return it because I had an allergic reaction. So instead, I bring you a collective haul! This is all of the stuff I've bought since the beginning of June. I have a few other things on the way, but those might take about a week more as they are coming from Korea!
The two blushes are Classic Pink by CG and Mellow Wine from WnW. I bought one of the Rimmel Show Offs in Stellar. That little jar is an Essence Gel Liner. I bought an 88 warm palette off of ebay. Next we have OPI Nail Envy, Klean Color polish in Neon Green, 5 Color Club polishes, and a backup of my topcoat.
Then we have some Real Techniques brushes, and a brow brush from Walmart. I also invested in my first high end foundation. I got MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW13. I'm in love.
I also got 3 Milani lipsticks, but I forgot to include one of them! Sorry. I also got a NYX lipstick in Haute Melon. It's a dupe for MAC Vegas Volt, in the color at least. I also got a red lip liner from WnW, and a Turquoise eye pencil from the same brand. Lastly, I got the ELF studio face primer. It's okay.

I finally got in on the fun and ordered an ArtsCow bag! I put one of my dearly loved, passed on fish on it. His name was Sequin. I think it's a perfect way to remember him.

I hope you enjoyed this haul! Let me know if there is anything you'd like to see a review on!


  1. Awesome haul Eda! I love Haute Melon! It is my summer colour! Lol! And unlike the other NYX lipsticks, it doesn't melt at all. :D It's not like Vegas Volt though, it's really sheer. And I ordered the Real techniques brushes too, I can't wait to get them! :D

    1. Really? When I swatch it and put it on my lips, it looks exactly the same as Vegas Volt! Haha. I also have face brushes from RT, but I didn't include them because they were a gift.

  2. Aww that's such a cute artscow bag, Eda. What a wonderful way to remember him! :3