Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Festivities

  As you know, today is Christmas Eve. Today we're having my grandma, sisters, and nephew over (I already live with my parents and brother). We decorated the tree this morning, and I did my makeup up for the holiday. It was easy. Just some green on the inner half of the lid, the cranberry color on the outer half and into the crease, and a highlight. My camera made the cranberry look brown. >.> I added some black liner and mascara, and I was done. I just did pink lips for ease. I didn't feel like going into red lips today. I did my nails yesterday for the holiday. I used Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Red Carpet. I've included a picture of our tree, as well. =) Hope you are having a great Holiday Season. Stay safe, warm, and have some good food! Try not to overindulge. ;)

I'll see in a few days with a New Year's look! Have fun until then.

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