Monday, September 10, 2012

Simple Subtle Smokey Eye

  This tutorial comes at the request of my newly married cousin, Sarah! Hi, Sarah! She doesn't know much about makeup, so she asked for my help. Of course I said yes! Also, coming up I will have a post on my favorite eye brushes. All of them are great quality, but insanely affordable! I hope you enjoy this look. I only did one eye because I was tired and not in the mood to do a full face. This eye could go with any lip color you choose.

First I applied an eye shadow primer. This will help make your shadows appear more vibrant and last all day. Then I applied a light taupe shade all over the lid.

Next I put a darker taupe on the outer half of the lid and up into the crease.

This step is optional, but adds a more smokey effect. I put a dark brown in the deep crease.  You can also use black if you wish. I will show what that looks like in a minute.

Now apply a thick line of brown or black liner to your upper lash line, and only go halfway to 2/3 on the lower lash line. Thin it out as you go closer to the inner corner. Top it off with a matching shadow to help it stay.

Last but not least, add mascara to top and bottom lashes. If you haven't already, shape and fill in your brows.

Here is what the shadow looks like if you use black instead of brown.

I hope you enjoyed this look, Sarah! Congrats on your new marriage and I hope you guys are happy and well! Say hello to your little girl for me. I'm sad that I haven't gotten to meet her yet. If you're ever in Minnesota, let me know and we can get together. Let me know if there are any other looks you'd like to see. Until next time, Toodle-oo!

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