Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mah New Hurr!!

  Yesterday I decided to go back to red. I dyed my hair red for 6 years of my life, so it feels natural to me. Now that I've done it, I kind of miss my natural color, so I might just do it this once and then grow it out. I'm still deciding whether or not to do some colorful streaks. I've never done that before and would love to try it out. I used the Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color hair dye in 42 Medium Auburn. Please excuse the nose pad marks on my nose! I've been out in the humidity and my makeup just melts off when the weather is like that. PROOF THAT I WEAR GLASSES! Even though I never take pics with them on. LOL

I hope you have a great day! Fall is coming, and I'm excited! I can't wait to wear the new boots I got! Until next time, toodle-oo!

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