Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shany Ultimate Fusion Natural Nude and Neon Palette Part 2

  Today I have swatches of the "Neon" side of the palette, and I use that word loosely. There is nothing neon about these shadows. Also, there is a LOT of redundancy. Most of the pinks look the same, and there are yet *MORE* coppers. Thankfully we have some golds thrown in there. As with the other side of the palette, the mattes are very sheer and every one I swatched was at least three swipes. There are some colors here that I really love, and the shimmery ones are extremely rich and pigmented. The most opaque ones that you see were only one swipe, maybe two. They are really soft in the palette, so you need to use a light hand when getting them out and prepare yourself for fallout. I'm not in the mood to do a look right now, but if I do later, I will do a separate post. Now on to the swatches.

I would give this side of the palette a 6/10. I took off points for redundancy, terrible matte shades, and the fact that there is only one medium toned blue. The could have added more if there weren't so many similar pinks and a bunch more coppers. I also dislike the fact that they marketed this palette as being "neon" when nothing could be further from the truth. I will use this palette, sure, but would I repurchase? Perhaps, since I love some of the unique colors and $17.95 isn't that much for so many shadows. I do love coppers, I just think they could have been more creative and added more blues. I *LOVE* my blues. So there you have my thoughts on this palette. You can find it on Amazon or the Shany Cosmetics website. I hope you have a great day and thank you for reading!


  1. The blues! The pinks and corals! EHMAHGERD! They so pretty! They look amazing! <3

  2. *Me gusta face* Have you tried wetting the brush for the matte shades? Or, can you even do that for mattes? Iunno, but it's an idea. The colors are totally pertyfuls, though.

    1. No, these aren't the kind of shadows you can use wet. You can do that with baked shadows, but it would ruin these. But thanks for the suggestion!