Saturday, January 11, 2014

Long Overdue Victorian Disco Swatches

   I ordered the Blogger Package from Victorian Disco a couple months back, and took pictures, but never posted. *Slaps hand* These shades are gorgeous and deserve to be on my blog. I paid for these myself, so the review is unbiased. I really love them, and the owner of the company is so sweet and friendly. Thanks, Ashley, for being awesome to work with!!

All of the shadows together.

Zoey is now discontinued, sadly.

Timelord and So Many Owls.
The cutest business card in existence.
Rowena was bought for me by a friend. It is sadly discontinued.
Swatches in natural light. This is over NYX HD Eye Shadow Base. They all swatched wonderfully. Rowena was a bit patchy, however, as you can see.

A look I did with Zoey and Potter Stinks.

I really love the shadows that I bought from Victorian Disco. I have pressed them all into palettes, and they all did wonderfully. I look forward to using them more now that I have them in a more convenient package. Thanks for reading. :)

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